Friday, August 22, 2014

Offering hope to the homeless

Munchy and I had a good chat this evening. He's had a really tough few years and after 18 hard months of hell has been able to get himself a room at Booth House, which is a few hundred metres from where I grew up.

I've invited Munchy to our soup kitchen and the Whitechapel Mission for breakfast. He said he's unwell and not fit for work after battling with physical and mental illness.

Whilst we immerse ourselves in charity abroad we forget that there is often a huge need for support and assistance on our very own doorsteps.

If you'd like to support fantastic non government funded charities like the Whitechapel Mission, One Third, Foodbank and The Pavement Magazine then do get in touch with them.

Volunteers are always required to keep services running.

Volunteer at the Whitechapel Mission...
Volunteer at Foodbank
Volunteer at The Pavement Magazine

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