Saturday, October 04, 2014

Eid Greetings From One Third Homeless Soup Kitchen

"Only the pure in heart can make a good soup." Ludwig van Beethoven

To keep the momentum going the team agreed to continue the kitchen over the Eid weekend. We bought our shift forward to Friday and set up stall a little later than the normal time.

It was a boisterous evening with many revellers hitting the town. Stratford is noisy on a Friday night.

Omar made his debut and I think we might have secured a deal for a kind soul to pay for branded T shirts and hoodies for us to wear whilst serving guests.

We got lots of greetings and Eid wishes and I met Ram from the Whitechapel Mission. Bless him, he can't do late nights as he has to be at the Mission to do an early morning shift with homeless visitors coming in for breakfast.

Our regulars popped along but there were plenty new faces too. Alou had four helpings (no bread and no water). He's regimental is that one. Edwin had two and we also gave him a Nandos Peri Peri breast piece donated by a member of the public. I joked we had no Reggae Reggae sauce to top up his chicken. Paul (centre) said it was the best soup he'd tasted for a while. A productive evening and we all got to go home and prepare for Eid with our families. None of our guests are so blessed. We received a donation of a tenner too.

Hope you all have a good Eid!

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