Saturday, November 22, 2014

Interfaith lunch

As part of Inter Faith Week (November 16th - 22nd) Churches Together in Poplar organised a shared lunch at the Salvation Army Centre in Poplar E14.

Sister Christine Frost very kindly invited me to this Interfaith Lunch at the Salvation Army Hall in Poplar.

I loved the company and was awed to be among some of the most active members of the community. There's beautiful work from all races taking place in the borough and this super bunch are no exception.

Thanks to Meshiel, David and Ann, we had a lovely lunch of jacket potatoes with cheese, beans, salad, tea and cakes galore. Thank you also to David and Jenny who helped wait on us.

There is also a Families Together Fun Day today (Saturday 22nd November 3pm - 5pm) at the St. Matthias Community Centre. There will be a bouncy castle, entertainment, refreshments. All are welcome.

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