Wednesday, October 28, 2015

EOne, Poundland carrier bags, reunions and Stoptober!

An eventful market experience today.  

Having dropped my car at EOne I took the train back home and stopped off at Poundland to buy some snacks. I refused to pay the leeches 5p for a bag and told the cashier that I preferred to carry the items single and rather display my shopping and act as a walking billboard for Space Raiders, Doritos and the Tasty Snack Co roasted peanuts and sour cream & onion mix.  

I spotted Shakir and we had a good chat in the town centre. We were moving on and a random gentleman rugby tackle embraced me. I had no clue who he was but he has obviously had some interaction with me and kept saying how he missed me. 

By this time I had bottled asking him his name and didn't have the heart to say I had no clue who he was, so played along. 

Within a minute and across the road I was tackled again by a clinical member of the excellent Barking & Dagenham Healthy Lifestyles Team. I agreed to blog about the wonderful Stoptober Stop Smoking Service and the Carbon Monoxide monitor being used to give locals a CO reading.  

The stall is based at Barking Market all day. To quit smoking with LBBD call 020 8724 

It gets better (take that Poundland)... For my efforts I was given a nice red shopping bag 


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