Wednesday, August 24, 2016

25 years of super Cam Geddes

Cam swore he'd been framed 
He'd crossed Hadrian's Wall freely
So Barking & Dagenham claimed
A vice chair for the dog poo committee

Maroon blazers and a polluted lake 
Seven years as a deputy
Prodigal returns after a four year break 
To help whip the BNP

It isn't all about the money
Freedom of the borough a silver cloud
Extending Eastbrook Cemetery
Moments to make that man proud 

After the Polish Bohemian Rhapsody
Cam joins some motor industry
This was certainly no freebie 
Nor a jaunt to Milan and Italy

Panic! losing the girls choir in that wood
'Shape-Up' overspent fifty mil
Tears when a disabled swimmer came good
Macho man is not yet over the hill

Now surely a stint in the grand chamber 
In robes and chains Cam can read the scores
Darth Vader can add some flavour
With the theme tune from Star Wars

An impressive quarter century
Life for the Spurs fan ups a gear 
You're not yet quite ready to be set free 
Wishing Cam many more a happy year

Poets note: It's actually 26 years I read this at Cam's 25 year celebration last year.  He ain't perfect though - He follow Spurs. Congratulations on being made a Freeman!

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