Sunday, August 28, 2016

One Third filmed for Sky News

This week we had a special guest as Tom Parmenter from Sky News join us on the soup kitchen at Stratford City.

Apparently Owen Smith thinks he can eradicate homelessness within 5 years if he was to come into power. In my humble opinion these 5 minutes in the limelight career politicians should act more responsibly and stop making outlandish claims - especially at the expense of some of our most vulnerable fellow citizens.

Stevie was in floods of tears tonight. He kept saying, 'I'm so embarrassed. It took us a few minutes to calm him down as he had worked himself into a right state. Amanda gave an interview to Tom and Billy snapped the snapper (see pic).

There were plenty of new faces today - That is modern day London for you. Each one was a happy customer as the chicken and lentil soup with pitta bread went down a total treat.

We will be on Sky News tomorrow morning. If you'd like to help with a dish or join us on a shift then please get in touch with me on Twitter - @emdad07

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